Mass XL

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Attraction and Nutrition

Harrold, TX

Mass XL is made up of 100% legumes. It is not formulated in a lab. There are no additives to make it appealing to deer. It is all natural and is a major part of the deer diet were these legumes grow.

Legumes are plants that are able to convert or “fix” atmospheric nitrogen into a form usable by plants and animals. Once fixed the nitrogen found in legumes become an essential building block for various proteins which plants and animals require. Protein is needed for deer to grow massive antlers and boasting 39%, Mass XL surpasses any other on the market.

You can boost the protein of any ration or use directly. One container of Mass XL will treat up to 100 lbs of corn or pellet feed. Spread on the ground or in a trough near feeders or water. Use year round to increase antler mass. Larger amounts in January, February and March.

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